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Future Transferable Skills

There’s a way you can predict which chops will carry the most leverage in the unborn plant.
Ask yourself whether those chops could be replicated through the use of machines or coastal workers. However, Laurence Shatkin, Ph, If your answer is” yes” to either of these questions .D., a career information expert, says your future career might be headed for trouble.


To identify these transmittable chops, Shatkin used the statistical procedure known as a correlation to measure how closely median income correlates with 35 Occupational Information Network chops and the 747 occupations that are linked by the U.S. Department of Labor. ” When commodity changes constantly, it results in a advanced correlation,” Shatkin tells Business Insider. “ Correlation doesn’t inescapably mean occasion, but it does be so frequently together that occasionally it does.

” For illustration, heavy smokers tend to be sick frequently.”

Before experimenters had evidence that bank is dangerous to the body, they knew that there was a statistically strong correlation between bank and certain conditions. It’s not always true, but it happens enough to pinpoint an cooperation.

The table below shows the relationship between each skill level in the top 35 O*NET occupations and the median wages they pay in the 747 occupations included in the database and the Department of Labor’s salary surveys.
The perfect correlation is 1.0, which means if there’s a skill gap between any two occupations, the wages paid in those occupations will go up.

Table with List of the most valuable transferable skills

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