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The range of Teaching Methods

As all students have differing learner preferences, the use of varied methods will advantage all students. It allows for visual, aural, interactive, oral, practical, etc. learning

Table. Who may have particular difficulties with traditional lecture-based teaching.

The following are case studies of students who may have particular difficulties with a traditional lecture- based teaching.






Solutions for students


Mature Student

While this student aims to attend all lectures sometimes this is not possible due to external responsibilities (e.g. child becomes ill and cannot attend creche).

Podcasts, online forums, wikis, and other online teaching methods can allow the student to engage with the class at flexible times.

Student with ADHD

Difficulties with concentration makes lectures difficult for this student. He also has problems note taking due to difficulties with short-term memory.

Podcasts, online forums, wikis and other online resources can allow the student to engage with the class when and where they can focus.

Student with a difficult home life.

Student finds it difficult to maintain concentration on lectures due to anxieties about difficulties at home.

A student can benefit from interactive teaching methods that sustain attention e.g. rhetorical questions, group work, questionnaires.

Student with a specific learning difficulty

Student finds it difficult to discern the main points and the structure of arguments within a lecture.

A student can benefit greatly from the use of audio-visual teaching materials. Also, group work and other interactive teaching methods may be of benefit.

International student

Student finds it difficult to follow lectures in a foreign language, and so misses vital points.

Podcasts allow students to revisit lecture, forums and wikis allow students to engage at their own pace.