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Web 4.0

Unveiling Web 4.0 Technology: Pioneering the Mobile Evolution of Web 2.0. A Catalyst for Enhanced Connectivity [Fleerackers and Meyvis 2018]. Web 4.0 creates real-time connections among numerous devices, driven by a vision to maximize network integration.

This groundbreaking era introduces a novel form of communication, fostering interactions between people and objects, as well as object-to-object connections (M2M communication, machine-to-machine). The Internet of Things serves as a global framework for an information-rich society, uniting physical and virtual entities to deliver advanced services [Kwiatkowska 2015].

Comparisons draw parallels between Web 4.0 and an ultra-intelligent electronic agent, synonymous with a symbiotic web—where the interplay between humans and devices takes center stage. Intelligent agents automate tasks, often making decisions based on data analysis. For instance, websites implementing Web 4.0 technology personalize content by identifying users.

Notably, Web 4.0’s achievement extends beyond the digital realm, migrating online functionality into the physical domain [Patel 2013]. Intelligent agents possess the capability to execute tasks with minimal user oversight, while also managing local and remote operations.

Agent technologies continue to advance, emphasizing algorithmic data analysis, user preference learning, and decision-making based on this data [Sarowski 2017].